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Good Home Lavender Vacuum Beads Case

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Quick Overview:

Good Home Lavender Vacuum Beads make vacuuming a pleasure by releasing a fabulous fragrance. Case pack quantity of six (6) glass bottles.


Good Home proprietary Lavender Vacuum Beads® make vacuuming a pleasure. Simply place 25 beads (about a small handful) in the vacuum bag or canister and vacuum away. Not only will you be cleaning your home, but you will be releasing a fabulous fragrance in the air as well. Will not harm carpets or leave behind dust residue like vacuum powders. Beads are strongly scented and will last until your bag or canister is full. Each bottle contains enough beads for 12 to 14 uses.

Directions: Add 25 beads, about a handful, to your vacuum or canister. When the vacuum is on, the scent will be dispersed into the air. Discard when bag or canister is full. Caution: Choking hazard. Do not ingest or apply to skin. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Recommended for all bag and bagless/canister vacuums, as well as hand-held vacuums. Not recommended for use with a Dyson vacuum or brands of vacuums that lack an exhaust system. The lack of exhaust systems prevents the scent from being released.

Case pack of six (6) 10 oz (28 g) glass bottles.Made in the USA.


Additional Information

Ingredients Plastic beads scented with fragrance

Customer Reviews

Review by L. Sue
I love these. I have dogs and the vacuum beads really help manage the dog smell that otherwise is generated when I vacuum up a bunch of dog hair. Highly recommended. (Posted on 10/5/16)


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